It's Hoodie Season!


Our story began in December of 2016 while traveling to Ghana, West Africa to visit our families. Like any other trip, we always bring back rare souvenirs that are culturally inspired. Furthermore, on this special trip, we brought back these beautifully crafted custom bags handpicked by Adwoa Konadu of Kumasi, a well-known city in Ghana. Konadu owns a school called Bless Mary. Blessed Mary educates children from Day Care to Primary 3 (which we call the third grade in the US). Mrs. Konadu is a proud mother of 5 children. She is an inspiration to many within her community because she is always looking to improve the education of all the children in her town. We, For The Culture, are selling these beautiful bags from Kumasi and using a portion of the proceeds to support Adwoa Konadu and contribute to enhancing educational resources for Blessed Mary by purchasing a large amount of supplies the children need for imperative developmental growth. Be a part of our story. Every purchase celebrates the beauty of our culture and the advancement of education.



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